Dr. Anastasia Niarchou

Information Systems Analyst


Dr. Niarchou has been modeling large and complex systems for over a decade, including WMAP satellite's observational data, drug-discovery simulations in bioinformatics and systems biology, and software platforms for electronic commerce and financial systems. She holds a doctorate in astrophysics from Imperial College London, and currently lives in Athens, Greece.

Dr. Alexis Petrounias

Information Systems Engineer


Dr. Petrounias has been creating software for over a decade. He has transitioned companies from idea to end product, established software houses and engineering worklow for large enterprises, managed teams of engineers, and co-founded a financial modeling startup. He holds a doctorate in computing from Imperial College London and currently lives in Salonica, Greece.

Theodoros Katoglou

Software Engineer


Mr. Katoglou has been creating software for over a decade and has expertise in large-scale, real-time transactional processing platforms. He has worked at a senior level in several organisations and supervises projects used by large clients and millions of end users. He holds a degree in computing from the University of Sussex and currently lives in London, United Kingdom.

Evripidis Tsakiridis

Strategy Advisor


Mr. Tsakiridis deploys structured analysis to complex issues in the international strategy and foreign policy domain, in order to provide accurate intelligence to clients, and support decision making and policy formulation processes. He holds a graduate degree in security studies from the Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and currently lives in Athens, Greece.